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Do you want to get this Extravagant ‘Sports Bike’..??
Come to TI, today. 
Spend Rs 500/- at Treasure Island; you can shop, eat or watch movie. Drop your bill in the box and get an opportunity to win many prizes including this bike.
When You’ve to Buy Kirana Items Every Month
Why Not Get a Free Gift with It?

You can win
TVS Scooty Pep, Home Theatre, Mobile, Camera, Microwave, Washing Machine and Family Holiday Package.
Rush today at Big Bazaar, Treasure Island Indore.

Metro Shoes
Flat Discount 30-50% discount on all shoes, sandals, slippers of Men, Women and Kids.
Contact: Second Floor, Treasure Island, MG Road, Indore. Ph. 0731-4200548.
इन प्रेरणाप्रद प्रयासों द्वारा यदि एक व्यक्ति का जीवन भी बच जाता है, मैं समझूंगा यह अभियान सार्थक सिद्ध हुआ 
मनीष कालानी, मेनेजिंग डायरेक्टर, .डब्लू.डी.एल  

ट्रेजर आईलैंड पर फायदों की बरसात

जेब्रा - एंड ऑफ़ सीजन सेल
30-70% डिस्काउंट
मेन्स - शर्ट (हाफ-स्लीव, फुल-स्लीव), टी-शर्ट, ट्रIउजर  कैपरी 
वूमेन्स - टी-शर्ट (हाफ-स्लीव, फुल-स्लीव), ट्रIउजर, कैपरी आदि पर
संपर्क - फर्स्ट फ्लोर, 0731-4077498

स्पाईकर जींस 
रु 3500/- की खरीदी पर रु 500/- की छूट 
यहाँ उपलब्ध हैं - मेन्स जींस, कैसुअल शर्ट (हाफ-स्लीव, फुल-स्लीव), टी-शर्ट, ट्रIउजर  कैपरी. 
वूमेन्स टॉप, जींस आदि. 
संपर्क - फर्स्ट फ्लोर. 

2 खरीदें 2 पाएं मुफ्त - जींस, शर्ट (हाफ-स्लीव, फुल-स्लीव), टी-शर्ट, टॉप.
20% डिस्काउंट - जींस एवं कैपरी पर. 
30% डिस्काउंट - डेनिम बेल्ट, मोज़े, वेलेट पर. 
संपर्क - 0731-4077498.

30% डिस्काउंट - जींस, शर्ट (हाफ-स्लीव, फुल-स्लीव), टी-शर्ट पर. 
01 जुलाई - 30 जुलाई
संपर्क – 0731-4278936.

* सभी ऑफर सीमित समय तक. यह जानकारी सिर्फ प्रचार हेतु हे, पूर्ण तथा प्रामाणिक जानकारी के लिए कृपया विक्रेता से संपर्क करें. धन्यवाद.

PVR Cinema - Now Showing

Double Dhamaal (Comedy - U/A)
11:40 morning; 02:20 noon; 05:00 evening; 07:40 evening; 10:20 night.

Delhi Belly (Hindi - A)
09:45 morning; 11:10 morning; 11:50 morning; 01:15 noon; 01:55 noon; 03:20 noon; 04:00 evening; 06:05 evening; 07:45 evening; 09:50 night; 10:15 night.

Cars 2 (2D-animation - U)
09:40 morning

Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon (2D-Hindi, U/A)
10:40 morning; 01:30 noon; 07:10 evening.

Transformers - Dark Of The Moon (2D-English, U/A)
04:20 evening; 10:00 night.

Bbuddah - Hoga Terra Baap(Hindi - U/A)
10:05 morning; 12:30 noon; 02:50 noon; 05:25 evening; 07:50 evening; 10:10 night

Delhi Belly (Hinglish - A)
08:10 night.

Ready (Comedy - U/A)
05:10 evening. 

Ziva Spa - Experience the Soothing Touch

Ziva is a leading chain of spas specializing in Thai & SE Asian therapies. Currently, Ziva operates spas on Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Sheraton, an exclusive day spa in Jaipur and is setting up several world class spas in India.  Ziva Spa in Indore is a complete SE Asian style spa setup with the foot spa opening to the sky; nicely laid out foot spa chairs with Buddha interiors; out of the World therapy rooms, and exotic therapies. A day spa like ours helps you disconnect from the busy world, and helps your mind and body heal. It is a proven fact that when the mind and body are relaxed, you not just feel better, but your abilities of taking decisions improve.

Rejuvenate Yourself, Today!
The hundreds of subtle touches that define the moment when you first step inside a spa, right down to the soothing trickle of a water fountain or the wafting scent of lemongrass and aroma oils, nothing compares to this feeling which engulfs you with total comfort and contentment of mind. This is precisely the luxury and comfort that Ziva Thai Spa in Indore aims to provide you with. Setup in a boutique and tranquil setting, Ziva has the best rejuvenation options to provide you in central India. We aim at an experience which speaks about details and a royal treatment to our customers. We say, it is “Rejuvenation Unlimited”. 

The world famous Thai massage is an amazing way to reduce mental stress, and heal your mind, body & senses. Apart from relaxation, traditional Thai massage can help people who suffer from insomnia, obesity. Frequent Thai massage therapies help you bring back natural elasticity to your skin and muscles.  Thai massage works on the theory of invisible energy lines (Sen) passing through the human body and combines elements of Yoga, Shiatsu and Acupressure.
Experience Bliss at our small “Land of Smiles” on 6th Floor, Central Mall, Indore. 0731-4050601, 2013837. Ziva spa is open from 11:30 am to 09:30 pm. .